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In which an old tradition is revived

You may remember Raining Cats and Dogma, started nearly 10 years ago (or you may not).  I blogged there for four years or so, beginning as a finishing PhD candidate.  I then went pseudonymous, blogging at the first iteration of To Delight and To Instruct, as Horace.  Here, I’ll just be Ryan, sans last name, to thwart the Googlebombing that too often happens when an academic blogs under a real name.  But who I am will be no secret either…just check out the links in my “About the blogger” page…

Maybe you already know me.  Maybe you knew one of those blogs.  Maybe you know about my scholarly work, often on life writing in the contemporary theatre.  I’m an English professor at a state flagship university in Appalachia, and now, recently, Assistant Dean in the Honors College there.  It’s a good gig, all around, and I’m finding my way into this new costume of administrator.

So: this here blog.  It’s largely a personal blog with public inflections–about honors education, about the place of humanities in a changing academic landscape, about international study across disciplines, about literature and theatre and culture.  No guarantees about posting frequency, and none about how interesting I’ll be, but it turns out I’ve been an academic blogger too long to simply let that piece of my identity slip away.  Just because I’m an administrator, doesn’t (apparently) mean I have to stop being who I was.


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