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In which an old tradition is revived

You may remember Raining Cats and Dogma, started nearly 10 years ago (or you may not).  I blogged there for four years or so, beginning as a finishing PhD candidate.  I then went pseudonymous, blogging at the first iteration of To Delight and To Instruct, as Horace.  Here, in the revised version of this post in January 2018, I’m Ryan Claycomb, Professor of English, with affiliate appointments in Theatre and Women’s and Gender Studies at West Virginia University.  I’m also Interim (and Founding) Director of the WVU Humanities Center.

Maybe you already know me.  Maybe you knew one of those blogs.  Maybe you know about my scholarly work, often on life writing in the contemporary theatre.  I’ve spent most of the last six years balancing an identity as a faculty member and an administrator, first for five years as Associate Dean of the Honors College, and beginning in Fall 2017, in the Humanities Center.

So: this here blog.  It’s largely a blog with public inflections–about higher education; about the place of humanities in a changing academic landscape; about work that is interdisciplinary, collaborative, public-facing, innovative;  about literature and theatre and culture and gender.  No guarantees about posting frequency, and none about how interesting I’ll be, but stay tuned to see ho this develops.

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